Monday, June 19 – Friday, June 23, 2017
For those who have completed grades 3, 4 and 5
$180 per camper

Staff Positions

The primary need for staff for WI Kids Camp are counselors (we are calling them SQUAD Leaders). We need:

  • adult counselors (18 and over)
  • junior counselors (must have completed grade 8 by the end of the 2016-2017 school year)

We worked out a great deal with the camp facility in regard to staff. For every 5 campers we get 1 staff person for free. Which works out to a 5:1 ratio, students to leader. So staff do not cost anything! (Unless we go over that ratio) Cool, eh?! Staff do not have to pay to serve at WI Kids Camp for the week!!

What does it look like to be staff (counselors & junior counselors) at WI Kids Camp?

Good question! The counselors and junior counselors will be the relational glue with the campers all week. These folks are the:

  • small group leaders,
  • substitute parents,
  • and fun aunt and uncles.

SQUAD leaders get to:

  • lead the campers spiritually in discussions and one-on-ones,
  • help them make it through the week emotionally and physically,
  • and have a ton of fun with them!

SQUAD leaders get to focus on their small group of students the whole week.

So, for every 5 campers your church sends, there needs to be 1 adult counselor or 1 junior counselor sent along with them.

Staff Registration

Click for Staff Registration (you will be redirected to a registration page)

Staff Training

Because it is nearly impossible to get all of our staff together for a training prior to the week of WI Kids Camp, and because it is of paramount importance to be trained and all on the same page, EVERY staff person needs to watch these training videos:

See the schedule for camp here.